Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Pumpkins, Santa, Valentine and eBanking

Last Halloween I happened to go to a bank branch... and it was decorated for the occasion, Jack-O-Lanterns, spider webs and some bats here and there... and it was fun... it felt like my the bank was relating to me and to the mood of the customers... after all Halloween was very present in our thoughts at the time. In my case because there was a party and people will disguise themselves and it will be fun, but I have friends with kids that were also in the mood because they shared those moments with them.

In a nutshell, the bank was part of the moment and it felt just right to see decorations like those.

Later that day I accessed my online banking... and nothing, exactly the same as the day before or even the month before for that matter.

It is an interesting situation, as I was only fortuitously at the branch during those days, but I access the online and mobile banking much more (several times a week).

Most probably, I missed the efforts made by the bank in the branches for other "social events"... I don't even know if they actually did something for these events.

So, shouldn't Online and mobile banking interfaces start dressing up for the occasion? Should, at the very least, interfaces respect these social events? Christmas, the new year, Valentine's day, thanksgiving,  Halloween, the national Day (independence, Canada's day, Saint Jean, etc), "take the bus" day, etc.

While mostly cosmetic, these changes can improve the "personality" of the bank and bring it closer to its customers. And that is a good thing, because we trust more and we care more about someone or something that is closer to us.

Happy holidays to all of you!

PS: and just as a test: have you spent more than the usual milliseconds looking at the cute Piggy Santa here? did it make you feel a teensy bit happier? why don't you tell me in the comment section?


  1. Piggy Santa I can live with or without. The concept you're pursuing is very compelling... and I hope you're allowing for personalization (or at least segmentation) since what plays for one member/customer doesn't for another.

    Glad to see another company serious about helping FIs do a better job with their largest branch. Can't wait to see what you produce!

    Randall Pearson

    1. Hi Randall, thank you for your comment. Recognizing the personal characteristics of a customer (how does she like to be treated, with what frequency, how deeply the FI needs to involve into her life, etc) should be a key part of any online FS offer that wished to bond with the customer. At exagens we are taking those into account to provide a truly personal experience.

      The more we are, the greater the chance we have to improve things for the FS customers!


  2. I agree with you Jorge. People want to feel connected to the organizations they interact with; whether in person or online. Banks are improving and will continue to improve if they pay attention to their customers "life transactions". Focusing on these transactions will help the bank provide EACH customer with a unique personal experience; one that refelcts their individual "seasonal" moods. Ultimately creating trust and most important to banks...customer loyalty!
    P.S. The Piggy Santa rocks!
    Ryan P.

    1. Thank you for your comment Ryan. Hopefully the banks and credit unions will realize soon enough that they "need" to do that and that technology today can make it so much easier than before.

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